In the very heart of Franciacorta lies the centuries-old residence, its 16th-century winecellars and surrounding vineyards, all eloquent testimony to the age-old winemaking traditions that the Barboglio family inherited in 1836.

Visit and tasting

Deep in the winery complex, visitors pass through barrel cellars and history-laden ageing caves, a marriage of nature and innovation, historic places that bear the secret imprint of a great passion for wine

Every tour concludes with a tasting of a selection of our Franciacortas.


Mosnel’s hospitality centre, designed specifically to promote appreciaton of wine and to involve our community of wine-lovers in the universe of wine.

Mosnel’s traditional wine-centred hospitality. Get-togethers, special events, workshops, and tastings—all together, a myriad opportunities to meet each other.

Franciacorta Wines Collection

Riserva 2007

Vibrant fruit drives a progression that is as elegant as it is broad and dynamic, with a crisp acidity complementing the fruit encountered on the nose.


Right from its entry, it conquers the palate and keeps it hostage, light-hearted yet firmly, progressing to a finale that is forthright and self-assured. Lush and eminently enjoyable.


It lopes towards the finish, with a joy that is open-handed, extroverted, and radiant, formidably tenacious and appealing. Festive at every sip.

Pas Dosé

Held tight by an embracing stream, as a bird flight at sunset. The light beams forth, direct and unencumbered.


The debut of this new cuvée made solely from organically-grown grapes pays homage to the quintessence of the vineyard and to the utter harmony of nature’s components.


Its brilliant gold hue and dense, creamy bead of pin-point bubbles are every bit as refined as its intense, clean-edged aromatics.


With maturity to spare, and a magisterial vigour, an experience that grants the excitement of a revelation.


Quintessential maturity and elation, enfolded in a close-woven silken cocoon, a farewell embrace that is tight, clean, precise. Near-endless and riveting.


A vibrant, clean-edged acidity provides impressive drive to the regal palate

Brut Millesimato 2000

At a full 20 years after harvest, there is no hint of oxidation; the palate is crisp and clean-edged, well-sculpted by tangy citron and pungent candied ginger