Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, in Provaglio d’Iseo.

Distance: 4.6 km, 8 minutes.

Founded on a rocky rise that dominates the Torbiere peat bogs, San Pietro is the most ancient of the Cluniac foundations in Lago d’Iseo region, and the one that is least changed. Its very name (lamosa, swampy) conjures up the nature of the area.

Via Monastero 5, 25050 Provaglio d’Iseo
Tel. +393 494118434for the church.
Tel. +39 030 9823617for the frescoed Sala della Disciplina

morning by reservation for groups; 2:30-5.00pm.
Saturday, Sunday, Feast days: 9.00am-12.00pm, 2.00-6.00pm.

Sala della Disciplina.
April-October: Saturday, Sunday, Feast days: 10.00am-12.00pm, 3.00-6.00pm.
November-March: Saturday, Sunday, Feast days: 10.00am-12.00pm, 2.00-5.00pm.
Reservations advisable. Open to groups upon request.



Parco Naturale delle Torbiere del Sebino (The Torbiere del Sebino Natural Reserve)
in Corte Franca, Iseo e Provaglio d’Iseo
Distance: 4.6 km, 8 minutes.
Main entrance at Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa.

A Nature Reserve of the Region of Lombardy since 1983, the park comprises 360 hectares of lakes, ponds, and marsh vegetation. Its three distinct zones include: the Lamette (a kind of marshy lagoon to the north, on the lake); the Lame (a vast stretch of water hemmed in by banks, a result of cutting of a peat bogs); some basins of water to the south and west (resulting from the excavation of clay pits); some meadows and adjacent cultivated fields. The Torbiere del Sebino constitutes a unique encounter between the natural evironment and the human population. Extraction of peat provided fuel from the 1700s to the mid-1900s.
Information: Ente per la gestione della Riserva Naturale “Torbiere del Sebino,”

via Europa 5 – 25050 Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)
Tel. +39 030 9823141
Email: info@torbiere.it

Groups of more than 8 persons must be accompanied by an official guide.



Abbazia Olivetana di San Nicola
Rodengo Saiano.
Distance: 5.3 km, 7 minutes

Founded in the 10th century, the Abbey di San Nicola, one of Italy’s most imposing monastic complexes, has continued to flourish, thanks to the Olivetan religious order, which took over the abbey in Rodengo in 1446. Re-structuring of the abbey resulted in the finding of ancient religious vestments, books, religious objects, and sacred art, which were restored and now constitute a small museum open to the public.

Via Brescia, 83 – Rodengo Saiano
Tel. +39 030 610182
Groups should reserve durng the following times:
Weekdays: 9:00-11:30am; 3.30-700.-pm
Weekends, holidays: 7:30-11:30am; 3.00-7.30pm
Email: dombenedictus@gmail.com




Museo Maglio Averoldi
in Ome
Distance: 4.7 km, 7 minutes

This ancient mill and metal-working forge, an integral part, together with the Casa Museo Pietro Malossi, of the Borgo del Maglio, represents an important component of the artisan traditions in Franciacorta. With a documented origin in 1080, it is just one part of a very historic complex of buildings that are still intact. The forge is widely recognised as a significant and literally unique example of the art of the bruzafér, the wrought-iron blacksmiths who practiced throughout Franciacorta and produced tools, furnishings, and sculptures

Via Maglio, 5 – Ome
Musem open from March through November.
For information and reservations
Centro Unico di Prenotazione Museale e Informazione Turistica Valle Trompia
Tel. +39 030 8337495
Tel. +39 360 1030495
Orari: Lu-Ve 9-13 / 15-18 e Sa 9-13
Open: Mon-Fri, 9.00-1.00pm; 3.00-6.00pm; Sat. 9.00am-1.00pm.
Email: cup@cm.valletrompia.it
Maglio Averoldi



Golf Franciacorta
in Corte Franca
Distance: 9 km, 14 minutes

With 80 hectares of vibrant green, Golf di Franciacorta was custom-designed for active, sports-minded families. It is a magnificent oasis surrounded by woods and vineyards and boasting a variety of birds, the peer of any nature reserve. The championship 18-hole club has three courses, Brut (par 73) and Satèn (par 73), each 5,931 metres in length, while the Rosé course (par 34) is 2,593 metres. Thanks to the temperate climate around Lago d’Iseo, the club is open year-round.

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Franciacorta Golf Club
Via Provinciale, 34B – Corte Franca
Tel. +39 030 984167
Email: segreteria@franciacortagolfclub.it




Distance: 7 km, 10 minutes

Located on the southeast shore of the lake, this small town gave its name to the entire lake. At the heart of Iseo lies an ancient medieval borgo.

IAT Lago d’Iseo e Franciacorta
Lungolago Marconi, 2c
Tel. +39 030 3748733
Tel. +39 030 981361
Email: iat.iseo@provincia.brescia.it



Monte Isola
from Sulzano Dock
Distance: 11.4 km, 16 minutes

Monte Isola, Europe’s largest lake-held island, brings one abruptly back in time, since there are no automobiles except those of the parish priest, the doctor, and the mayor. The island is connected to the lakeshore by an efficient navigation line. The nearest and most convenient point for reaching the island is Sulzano; from here, one can take a boat to Peschiera Maraglio, an ancient town of fishermen and artisans who make nets for hunting and fishing. From the town, one can take two walking routes, one around the island and the other towards the northern tip of the island.

IAT Lago d’Iseo e Franciacorta
Località Peschiera Maraglio, 151 – 25050 Monte Isola (Bs)
Tel. +39 030 9825088
Email: turistico@comune.monteisola.bs.it




Santa Giulia – Museo della città
Distance: 21 km, 25 minute

Santa Giulia, Museo della Città. Brescia. Distance: 21 km, 25 minutes The Museum of the City represents a journey into the history, art, and spirituality of Brescia from the prehistoric era to the present. Its location is unique in Europe: within an ancient monastery founded by Lombard King Desiderius and his wife Ansa, built in turn over the ruins of Roman-era houses. It also regularly houses important art exhibits.

IAT Lago d’Iseo e Franciacorta
Via dei Musei, 81/b – Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2977833
Tel. +39 030 2977834
Email: santagiulia@bresciamusei.com


Strada del Franciacorta

Strada del Franciacorta