Held tight by an embracing stream, as a bird flight at sunset. The light beams forth, direct and unencumbered.


At least 30 months of silent repose in il Mosnel’s cellars are required for our Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Noir cuvée to achieve its destined harmony in our Pas Dosé, in our opinion, the very quintessence of our vineyard and the Franciacorta growing area. It immediately impresses with shimmering, gold-shot reflections and a delicate, leisurely cascade of tiny bubbles. Vibrantly crisp citron and white peach find their perfect aromatic foil in fragrant wild herbs and lemon biscuits, creating an almost electric energy that segues into a dry, sharply-delineated palate notable for its vibrant fruit and near-endless, harmoniously-proportioned finish.

Vineyards and grapes

Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir in estate vineyards, facing east-southeast. Flat and slightly rolling area in the morainic area, with loose, medium-fertile soils and medium-deep pebble admixture.

The light beams forth, direct and unencumbered.

A vivacious, piercing effervescence thrusts up to the crown, with medium-sized, rather irregular bubbles, then a calm bead takes over, almost shyly, to animate a lightly viscous texture. The eye is held by an intense, electrically-charged green, shot through with a brilliant gold-yellow. The bouquet is meticulously dosed out note by note, a horizon pricked out by a series of green sentinals, precisely planted, with intervals of silence that complete the interstices. Notes of citrus are insistent, of candied zest, of white peach, still immature, chilled. In conclusion, a finale composed of garden herbs, effectively communicating yet in barely-perceptible tones. The palate impresses, immediately looming large on entry, and a pronounced salinity, veined by thrusts of a judiciously-controlled acidity, commands the mid-palate, while the lateral areas magisterially rise towards it, held tight by an embracing stream, as a bird-flight at sunset. The light beams forth, direct and unencumbered.

Stefano Caffarri

Technical features

The clusters are gently pressed in a pneumatic press, and the first and second fractions are kept separate. After a 12-hour gravity settling at 15°C, the must is inoculated with cultured yeasts and the wine ferments, part at controlled temperatures in stainless steel, part (30%) in small oak barrels, and then goes through malolactic fermentation. The cuvée is assembled in spring, the liqueur de tirage added and the bottles capped and laid down for the prise de mousse.

Maturation ageing
The tiered-up bottles remain in our cellars for a minimum of at least 30 months before riddling. The sediment is then removed and they are given a dosage of the same wine, then corked and wired. This Franciacorta then rests in the bottle a further three months before release.

12,5% vol.

Component grape varieties
Chardonnay – Pinot Blanc – Pinot Noir.

Vineyard location and exposure
In our estate vineyards, with east-southeast exposure.

Soil profile
Undulating terrain in a glacial-origin bowl, with loose soils of medium fertility, with medium-deep gravel-pebble mixture.

Trainig system

Yield per hectare
80 quintals of grapes/hectare = 52 hectolitres/hectare.

Hand picked into small boxes, between the second and the fourth week of August.

Year first produced
1980 Extra Brut; Pas Dosé from 2005.

0.75 L (15,000) – 1.5 L (1,000)

Franciacorta Wines Collection


Right from its entry, it conquers the palate and keeps it hostage, light-hearted yet firmly, progressing to a finale that is forthright and self-assured. Lush and eminently enjoyable.


It lopes towards the finish, with a joy that is open-handed, extroverted, and radiant, formidably tenacious and appealing. Festive at every sip.


The debut of this new cuvée made solely from organically-grown grapes pays homage to the quintessence of the vineyard and to the utter harmony of nature’s components.


Its brilliant gold hue and dense, creamy bead of pin-point bubbles are every bit as refined as its intense, clean-edged aromatics.


With maturity to spare, and a magisterial vigour, an experience that grants the excitement of a revelation.


Quintessential maturity and elation, enfolded in a close-woven silken cocoon, a farewell embrace that is tight, clean, precise. Near-endless and riveting.


A vibrant, clean-edged acidity provides impressive drive to the regal palate