QDE Prize

It was 2005, and, with the co-sponsorship of ADI Design, we launched the Il Mosnel “Questione d’Etichetta” Premio (A Matter of the Label Prize).

The objective was to find a very special package for 300 numbered magnums of Franciacorta Brut 1990, which the outstanding growing season, a lengthy maturation in the cellar, and a very limited quantity combined to make a true collector’s rarity. That initial introduction attracted great names in the world of design, the likes of Giancarlo Illiprandi, Italo Lupi, and the unforgettable Bob Noorda, and the award went to Franco Origoni and Anna Steiner. In 2008, the second annual edition replicated that successful debut, aspiring this time to dress 360 magnums of Franciacorta Brut 1998. Involved this time were the Hangar Design Group of Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente. 2010 marked the full establishment and evolution of the il Mosnel QdE Premio. Once again with the assistance of ADI, our goal this time was to dress Franciacorta DOCG Pas Dosé Riserva 2004, produced in a larger quantity and in two different sizes. The award went to Francalma Nieddu of the Studio italo-tedesco ondesign. In 2012, the prestigious ADI was by our side once again, for Franciacorta Pas Dosé QdE Riserva 2006 and its 4,000 standard bottles, 400 magnums, and 100 Jeroboams, each bottle with its own number. This was an impressive and quite exceptional Franciacorta, from an extraordinary growing year and five year’s ageing sur lie. Laura Ferrario walked off with the prize, and in 2013 she won the QdE’s Platinium A Design Award in the Graphics and Advertising Design category. Pas Dosé QdE Riserva 2007 was in the spotlight for the 2014 edition. The prestigious paper manufacturer Fedrigoni brought its pricelss papers to this fifth annual event, and ADI invited a creative group of young designers and creative talents. The standout was the project by Studio Intorno Design of Guido Lombardo, Linda Marchetti, and Tommaso Salvatori.