Borgo Mosnel

Borgo Mosnel lies in Camignone di Passirano, in the Contrada Barboglio, the latter area named for the family that inherited the property in 1836.

Entering the area from the west, from the vineyards, one can observe classic examples of 17th- and 18th-century Lombard farmsteads (cascine), which for centuries have been utilised as winecellars, with steel tanks, wood barrels, and rows of Mosnel Franciacortas undergong bottle-ageing. The agriturism is here as well, and the winery’s hospitality area.

What to visit in Franciacorta

Naturalistic escapes and cultural explorations: destinations and emotions

The landscape richness of the territory is expressed in the multitude of activities that can be planned in the surroundings of Franciacorta. Among the monasteries and abbeys that surround a hilly landscape, there are several places worth visiting. A few steps from Franciacorta, there is the heart of the city of Brescia which preserves unmissable places of art and culture.