Grape varieties and vineyards

41 hectares of estate vineyards are cultivated organically and planted to densities as high as 8,000 vines per hectare.

Mosnel has 41 hectares of estate vineyards dedicated to DOCG production, subdivided into 18 parcels. They surround the winery complex, thus facilitating harvest operations and ensuring that the grapes arrive immediately in the cellar for pressing, Vineyard cultivation is organic, in accord with European Union Reg CE 834/2007 E 889/2008, and monitored by VALORITALIA IT BIO 015 The grape varieties planted are: DOCG: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Erbamat


Level and slightly rolling in the morainic areas, loose and medium fertile, with medium-deep pebble admixture.

The structure of the soils where the vineyards are planted in morainic areas is more calcareous than clay, and moderately deep. The vineyards largely face east-southeast.


Respect for the environment for a mindful approach to agriculture

All the estate vineyards are just quite outside the Winery and are managed with the highest respect for their environment, in accord with the winery’s whole-hearted respect, since 1995, for the EU 2078/94 law, later Measure F and 214, and subsequently through organic viticulture.

Layouts and yields

Unceasing striving for quality in harmony with nature.

Beginning in 1995, all the vineyards have been re-structured, with vine training passing from the old Sylvoz to spurred cordon and Guyot, at densities from 5,000 to 8,000 vines per hectare. Equal attention is paid to keeping vine yields low, which is currently below 2 kgs per vine.

The riches of

Franciacorta is a magnificent area to the south of Lago d’Iseo, in the province of Brescia, extending out over gently-rolling morainic hillslopes.


The attractive gentleness of the landscape here and its fine weather began, in the 15th century, to attract noble Brescia families, who constructed cellars surmounted by villas for summertime stays, and with surrounding farms of modest dimensions.

Art and expertise
in the cellar

The cellars are sited for the most part in ancient structures dating to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and from 2018 in the new cellar builded on three underground floors and a ground level.


Borgo Mosnel lies in Camignone di Passirano, in the Contrada Barboglio, the latter area named for the family that inherited the property in 1836.