Parosé 2007 Riedizione 2023


The elegant touch of Chardonnay to the forward personality of Pinot Noir; the latter, vinified briefly on the skins to gain a coppery-edged pink-gold hue, plays the dominant role in the cuvée


Everything truly precious requires time. Calm. Patience. One must learn how to wait.

Time is one of the distinctive hallmarks that determine the Mosnel style, and it is always time that makes our wines as unique as they are. Time is the greatest ally of our Franciacortas, which slumber for month and years in the silent cellars of our Camignone estate, awaiting their destined moment.

And it was looking at time from another angle that launched the Riedizioni project: Franciacortas debuted years ago that now return to the stage after lengthy–very lengthy—sur lie maturations, having now become wines of amazing complexity yet still of surprising freshness.

Tasting the Riedizioni means embarking on a true journey into time that flows out from the glass, revealing how months and years are able to gift us novel sensations, impressions, and emotions.

Hypnotic sinuosity of the tiniest of bubbles

The delicate coppery hues enlivening a gorgeous sunset’s showy orange- pink appear with a brilliance undimmed by age, as do the dense, hypnotic sinuosity of the tiniest of bubbles. This Riedizione of Parosé 2007 not only underscores the enduring partnership of Mosnel and time, but it gives new meaning to waiting, since it offers a palette of nuances wholly diverse from those on display at the wine’s initial debut ten years ago.

Technical features

Only the free-run must (the first fraction of 50% of the must) goes to produce Franciacorta Parosé, which owes its delicate hue to a brief maceration of Pinot Noir on the skins. The must fermented in small 225-litre oak barrels and remained there for six months, until the following spring. The cuvée was assembled, the “liqueur de tirage” added, and the bottles were laid down for the prise de mousse.

Maturation ageing
The tiered-up bottles remained in our cellars 14 years and a half before riddling. The sediment was then removed and they were given the Pas Dosé-style liqueur d’expedition, then corked and wired. This Franciacorta rested in the bottle a further six months before release.

12,5% vol.

Component grape varieties
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay.

Vineyard location and exposure
In our vineyards facing east-southeast.

Soil profile
Level and slightly undulating terrain in loose morainic soils of medium fertility, with medium-deep gravel- pebble mixture.

Trainig system

Yield per hectare
80 quintals of grapes/hectare = 52 hectolitres/hectare.

Hand picked into shallow boxes from 6 to 16 August.

Year first produced

0.75 L (900)
1.5 L (60)