Mosnel Vini Franciacorta

Franciacorta wines for 5 generations

In the very heart of Franciacorta lies the centuries-old residence, its 16th-century winecellars and surrounding vineyards, all eloquent testimony to the age-old winemaking traditions that the Barboglio family inherited in 1836.

Tours and tastings

Deep in the winery complex, visitors pass through barrel cellars and history-laden ageing caves, a marriage of nature and innovation, historic places that bear the secret imprint of a great passion for wine

Every tour concludes with a tasting of a selection of our Franciacortas.

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Special events

Uno stile di vita che riscopre la natura, che ricerca il buono e il bello, che si compie nell'emozione di momenti unici.



Un’occasione unica per godersi il tramonto nella cornice dei nostri vigneti, condotti in regime biologico, che circondano l’azienda.

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Wine club

Mosnel’s hospitality centre, designed specifically to promote appreciaton of wine and to involve our community of wine-lovers in the universe of wine.

Mosnel’s traditional wine-centred hospitality. Get-togethers, special events, workshops, and tastings—all together, a myriad opportunities to meet each other.

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Franciacorta Wines Collection

Brut Rosé Pas Dosé Nature Satèn Ebb Parosé Riserva